The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 Online, How to watch Barry Allen is approaching the “Finish Line,” but does he even have the will to finish this particular race since he couldn’t save his true love.

The Flash Season 3 Episode 23 Online

The Flash Season 3 finale reveals the final fate of a central character and sets the stage for what’s to come.I think I can safely say that I am satisfied with The Flash season 3 finale, Finish Line. What I didn’t expect was just how seriously they were going to take that Finish Line title, and for the second year in a row, they managed to throw fans a serious curve. More than one, as a matter of fact.

Many of you predicted the way out of last week’s cliffhanger. I don’t think that made the execution of tonight’s reveal any less clever or powerful. Joe’s reaction, fake HR/Iris’ reaction, HR’s final moments, all gave our supporting cast crucial, powerful little moments, all within the first three minutes of the episode. That was a genuinely emotional goodbye for HR, a character that they took their time making us like, even love, and I think they earned this one. I didn’t want to see him go, even though I’m fairly secure in the knowledge that the brilliant Tom Cavanagh will be back (in some form) for The Flash season four.

Team Flash regroups at STAR Labs and tries to figure out what will happen next. The theory is that Savitar will eventually be erased from existence, but possibly not for a few hours. On the good news front, Julian Albert has a cure for Caitlin.

Savitar wants Cisco to fix the Speed Force bazooka, or rather change it into a quantum splicer to split him between all time periods. If he does that, the paradox can’t reach him, and he’ll exist in all periods of time simultaneously. Not sure if that plan makes sense even in superhero logic, but if so, it’s a good supervillain plan. Cisco refuses to help him, but Savitar threatens to kill Killer Frost, spilling the beans about Julian’s cure to persuade him.